Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PT101: Potty Training 101 - Score: A+!

I have had 2 long-term nanny jobs in the recent years - and both involved potty training. Both sets of parents took a long, gentle approach to it and both had boys over the age of 3. I can't say that they were great experiences either! Not bad, just not great! Potty training can be such a challenge because it's a really sensitive thing for the child going through it! So needless to say, I was a little apprehensive about what potty training Eliza was going to look like.

Sunday before last we did it. We built it up for a couple of days - getting her some cloth training pants:
and telling her that she was getting too big for her diapers so she was going to learn how to use the potty! She's had a little potty seat since before Judah was born, so she was already familiar with it and even went in it a couple of times.

Sunday morning came, and we brought the potty out to the kitchen. We read her a potty book:

which she really liked. Then we helped her change into her new training pants and her show us how to sit on the potty. Then we offered her some juice. :) And yes, this is a sneaky way to make them have to pee more so that they get more practice! Over the course of the day we had probably 6-8 accidents on the floor and one BM in the carpet (eeewww!), but towards the evening she started getting the hang of it and once she felt herself start to pee, she'd stop and let us guide her to the potty to finish. Monday, she only had 2 accidents - one first thing in the morning, and one in the evening when she was playing with a friend and forgot. Pretty good for her second day! She had a few drips in her undies but that was it. Tuesday she was dry all day! Wednesday we went to Target to get her some much-deserved "big girl panties" which she got to pick out. She picked Elmo:

And that was basically the end of potty training Eliza! She has her occasional accidents, and won't poo on an adult toilet, but who can blame her?!? They're like almost as big as she is!

Anyway, I am sooo proud of my little girl! I'll add a photo of her in her cute panties when I get a chance to upload it. Gotta go put Judah down for a nap!

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$~Ashley~$ said...

Dude hows it goin? You have a very beautiful family...but not as beautiful as mine Jk. Anyways where have you been? The cry room is sooo boring without you. Like seriously come back PLEASE!!!!