Thursday, March 6, 2008

Me and My Endless Projects!

My life seems to be comprised of a constant stream of projects - and very often I don't finish them before moving on to the next one! For instance, right after Mark and I got married (3.5 years ago) I decided that I would input all of our chord charts for worship music into a computer/web-based database so that they were easy to access and find. I put it to rest around letter F when Eliza was born 2 years ago, and the pile of chord charts is still sitting underneath our printer!

The other day Mark and I were looking at a couple of Bible storybooks that were given to our kids. We were amazed and disgusted by how Biblically-inaccurate they were! Being Messianic, I always replace "Jesus" with "Yeshua" when I'm reading to my kids, and other names with their actual Hebrew name also (Just because Pedro from Mexico moves to the U.S. we don't start calling him Peter - his name will always be Pedro! Shouldn't it be even more so with the Son of God?). We also correct some other things like instead of 2 of every animal in the ark, there were actually 1 pair of every unclean animal and 7 pair (14) of every clean animal! Anyway, this got me to thinking about how much I would like to have a Bible storybook for my kids that I didn't have to screen first! And with as easy as it is to write and print your own book these days, I decided that I would write a Biblically-accurate (yes, violence and sex will be masked as appropriate) Bible story book and get it printed at one of those online print places (like Shutterfly).

So I'm going to do it - but... I'm not a very good artist, or at least I don't have time to practice to where I'd be comfortable at doing it. So if anyone reading this knows someone who might enjoy illustrating a children's Bible story book, I'd love to talk to them! The illustrations will follow the culture and will be mostly Jewish in nature, but will also include ancient Egypt, Rome and Persia.

Woohoo! I'll post some text here when I get it started!


Lindsey's 50,000 Words said...

Seriously, I am so glad I am not the only one who has three year old projects ;)

Kate said...

I'd love to see the book once you get it made and possibly order one of my own - it's such a great idea!