Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day

Tomorrow, May 2nd, is Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day.

In this world, we are so far removed from the horrors of the Holocaust and the effects that it had on the entire world. But it was a very real event in the not-so-past history. Six million Jewish people were brutally murdered, including 1.5 million children. They also murdered tens of thousands of disabled children and adults.

The stories are sickening, to say the least. The horrors that seem too evil to ever be possible, are not.

Last night I read a couple of first/second hand accounts on that brought me to the point of sobbing to Mark, "How could such evil possibly ever exist? It's a horror story that's actually true!" I want to challenge all of you to take some time tomorrow and read a story of a Holocaust survivor (you can google them). Yes, it will probably bring you to tears also, but that's what we need. We NEED to stay sensitive to this, and it needs to be remembered. That is the only way we can prevent something like this from ever happening again!

And let's not forget that this evil plot stemmed from the theory of evolution. The murdered in the Holocaust were thought to be "less evolved" and the Nazi's were trying to perfect the human race in an effort to become "gods." As long as evolution is taught as fact, we must be even more vigilent to stand against this evil mindset!

Praise the Lord for the strength and blessing He has abundantly given to his people, Israel!

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