Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pregnant? Want a natural birth?

I am a self-professed addict of natural birth - I love it! I love the work and I love the payoff at the end - a healthy, undrugged baby who is alert and happily breastfeeding or gazing into Mommy and Daddy's eyes!!!

I also enjoy sharing my passion for natural birth with the people around me - so much so that I decided to train to become a childbirth educator. So after about a year and a half, I am finally taking the plunge! I am currently training to become a certified childbirth educator for the Bradley Method. Mark and I went to Bradley classes before Eliza was born, and I believe that it was extremely instrumental in our success having a natural birth.

My hope is to finish my bookwork before the big 4-day training seminar next month after which point I will be a provisional Bradley childbirth educator. Then I'll need to teach 2 sets of 13-week classes before becoming fully certified. So, if you are reading my blog and live in the greater Seattle area, and would like to have a natural birth, please contact me! I will be offering discounts for these sessions and they will be open to couples who are due anytime after Dec. 1st.

A few quick stats on the Bradley Method:
- Developed as the first "husband-coached" childbirth method and truly focused on the husband-wife relationship
- A success rate of just under 90% unmedicated births
- A very complete program that covers all aspects of childbirth
- Not hypnosis or patterned breathing

For more information, see
(yes, their site is outdated-looking, but the method is time-tested and works!)


Anonymous said...

Judy, I am interested, however, I'm due on 12/1/2008. When are you planning to run your classes?

Judy said...

Hi there! I think that the timing will work out fine! I can start anytime after Labor Day. Being due Dec. 1, if we could start that week, we can fit the entire series in before your due date. Please send me an email, as your id given here doesn't give me a way to contact you. Thanks!