Monday, May 12, 2008

Steps to Make a More Peaceful Home

Our home has been really haphazard and disjointed lately, at least as far as our day-to-day life goes. The kids haven't been sleeping very well, and they seem to be a little withdrawn. When I got to thinking about this last night, I decided that we need to take some major steps to make our home a more healthy, peaceful place to be so that our family can thrive! This is what I came up with, and I put it this on our refrigerator:

Steps to Make a More Peaceful Home:
1. More routine for everyone
2. Consistent devotional time
3. Quality time with the kids
4. Better nutrition for everyone

The way this will look for us is this:
1. More routine for everyone. We have a routine that we haven't been very good about sticking to. We all function better when our bodies and minds know roughly what to expect. This is especially important with bedtime routines.
2. Consistent devotional time.
This is for Mark and I, as well as time spent teaching Eliza about God and praying with her (and Judah when able).
3. Quality time with the kids.
Both kids need lots of this, Eliza with special "big girl things" like learning her alphabet sounds and playing house, and Judah with wrestling and carrying/wearing him more.
4. Better nutrition for everyone.
I am trying to lose some weight and inches, and Mark and I both need to get our bodies into better condition internally. They just feel off! And Eliza hasn't been eating enough during the day, as evidenced by her frequent night wakings and asking for food. Judah also isn't nursing as regularly as he could during the day and as a result is nursing all night long.

We have three weeks until we go to Idaho for Michael's graduation. They say it takes three weeks to make a habit stick, so for the next few weeks this will be our biggest focus!

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