Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving and more

Well, it's been an emotional couple of weeks around here. On the day before Thanksgiving, our house purchase fell through. Turns out our broker made a major computing error on the estimates he was giving us the entire time and he was telling us that it would be almost a thousand dollars less per month than it actually was. It was very frustrating and emotional, especially for me.

The next day, Mark's parents and youngest brother came up from Idaho to spend Thanksgiving and the weekend with us. We had a blast with them! Eliza loved it and learned how to say "Grandpa/Grandma" which melted all of our hearts! I went shopping on the morning after Thanksgiving with Mark's parents and Judah - at 5am - woohoo! We had our "Thanksgiving Dinner" on Friday with a turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry salad, green beans, salad, and pecan pie with ice cream. It was a feast! And it was great to have us all together. Tim's girlfriend Allison came also and it was great to get to know her a little more.

The weekend really helped me get my focus back where it should be. God has blessed us immensely in so many ways!

Since the initial blow, we've discussed a few things that helped me feel better about it all. First, God was probably protecting us from a potentially bad situation with the house. We were biting off a very big mouthful! Secondly, we decided that we're still going to try to sell (preferably lease-option) our condo and either find another house or rent for awhile. Thirdly, we are turning our under-utilized guest room into a cute playroom for Eliza (and Judah if we're here long enough). By pulling the toys out of the living room we will gain some additional living space which will be nice.

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Apryl's blog said...

Sorry to hear about the house falling through. God will direct you to where you all need to be. It always amazes me how much better things turn out.