Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Natural Living: An Update

I've had several people ask me about the results of my ongoing quest for a more natural lifestyle, so I decided I should post an update here.

First of all, I have been no-poo for about 3 months now. I only use a mild baking soda rinse - about half tablespoon baking soda dissolved in a half-cup of warm water. I actually usually only use half of this per rinse, and I do this twice a week. The rest of the time I just rinse my hair with water. I also don't use any kind of conditioner which has been just fine for me!

I did, in fact make and use cloth menstrual pads for postpartum use. I liked them - so much softer than paper. And they were easy to care for too - I rinsed them after use and washed them with Eliza's diapers. I'm still considering the Diva Cup too, we'll see...

I did drink a lot of red raspberry leaf tea during my pregnancy, but didn't use the strong mix during labor. I think it helped because my labor was fast and easy (relatively speaking) and I didn't have much bleeding at all.

Is there anything I'm forgetting? Let me know if there is!

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jacinda said...

Hello Judy!

I just read a few posts of yours on the home birth yahoo list.

I actually haven't posted there yet, just joined this weekend.

I noticed some commonalities and HAD to comment on your lovely photos.

I also have a few questions/ comments one is about circumcision.

I have four living children. The first three were hospital births my boys were
circumcised at that time... since their births we started home birthing ( unassisted) and had a second little girl.

When we do it all again in the next year LOL as we are QF I am pretty sure my husband wants a baby boy to be circumcised for the same reasons you mentioned.

Sometime, anytime you want would you relate to me about the procedure. Did you have to go to a urologist?
I actually was in the room when the boys had it done at the hospital.
When we did some research that is what it looked like we would have to do if we waited eight days. I guess I am also hoping they do a better job and are more friendly to mom and dad at a urologists office!

BTW We are familiar with Heart of Wisdom and though not Jewish are studying the Biblical Holidays.

We have a homeschool blog


Glad to have met you;^)

Jacinda Montalto