Saturday, July 28, 2007

Almost Ready for Baby!

Wow - this past 8 months has flown by! I am now just shy of 37 weeks gestation which means the baby could come in a week or could wait another 4! I've stopped nannying and am now a full-time stay at home mom, which has been wonderful for Eliza and I. It has been so nice to focus so much of my time and energy on her. She has developed a lot with the extra attention - learning her shapes and colors and lots more words. It will be hard to learn to split my attention between two children, although I'm sure it will be wonderful in its own way!

And for an update, I have been shampoo-free for almost a month and a half now, and only cleanse my hair with baking soda every 4-5 days. It's amazing to me that it takes that long to build up oils! I still haven't switched to a natural alternative to conditioner, so I still use commercial stuff when I cleanse with baking soda. But it's still a good transition for me. I could never go for any length of time with oily hair - it totally grosses me out; so I'm very glad that the baking soda enables me to not shampoo and still cleanse.

Following are a few photos from recently:

Here is Eliza playing our new electric piano - she couldn't avoid music even if she wanted to in this house! But she really loves music as much as Mark and I do, which we're glad of.

And here are a few photos that we did to capture my pregnancy (at Bothell Landing Park):

Lastly, this is Eliza and I relaxing in our birthing pool which we were testing out before our baby's birth! She's gives the best kisses, and she gives them so freely!

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