Friday, December 22, 2006

My convictions...

Lately I've encountered a lot of people who accept or reject something in God's word based on their "convictions." That kind of logic is everywhere- "God is different to each person" or "We all believe in the same God, just in different ways." I hear it on the news, on sitcoms, and just in daily life. My former boss told me, "Yeah, I believe in God- I'm not sure what I believe though. But that's okay 'cause all that really matters is that I'm a good person, right?"

And we all expect that from those people who are not born again - those without a living and real relationship with the creator of the universe. But what about when it comes from fellow Christians? Lately I've been hearing a lot of Christians say that "I'm just not convicted of that" when asked about something in the Bible. They use the passage that says that the Spirit of God will lead us to all truth to mean that if they don't feel "led" in a certain direction, then it's not what God wants.

But let me say right now that my convictions are now and will always be subject to the Word of God - not the other way around! If I start using my own convictions and feelings to interpret God's word (and I sometimes do), I am treading on dangerous ground. It's those kind of thoughts that lead to "Christian Gays" and those couples in churches everywhere who live together outside of marriage because "they're commited to each other, and they're not convicted about it."

It's high time for those who serve God in this world to stop thinking like the world and start holding ourselves to a higher standard! I challenge us all - me included - to pursue holiness at any cost - even when other Christians don't understand. Let's start taking the Word of God at face value and subject our convictions to it's words - not the other way around!

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Me again,

AMEN to your post here about'conviction'

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